Olwyn Gwynteira is a wise woman and herbalist, as well as of the Spiorad Ainmhithe, who came to live in the Principality of Teressien.


In 994, Olwyn was caught in a far-away land and sold as a slave, ending up in Teressien, in the Herzogtum Wißenthenland by 1000. There, she served as a slave to different households, being sold to the Ducal Household in 1331. In 1498, her last master, Herzog Len von Wißenthen, asked her for her greatest desire. She said, that being free to roam the forests and meadows again was, what she desired most - he set her free, employed her as the court's herbalist and had, what might as well be an affair with her. She mourned his loss for decades.

From that point, in 1498, she served the Dukes of the Wißenthenland as herbalist, wise woman, teacher, in many functions,


Personal Relations

Other Spiorad

Olwyn keeps in touch with other Spiorad, but not more. Her relationship to her kind is

Ada von Wißenthen, Sunna and Rena

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