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Operation Spartacus, or Operation Réabadh (punishment or harsh treatment) for the SDF, was the punitive expedition to Sadera as a reaction to the Day of Liberation Incident on the 9th of May 2018 in Berlin, Empire of Karlsland. Together with many allies, forces of the SDF pushed into the Special Region and fought there. While the objectives of many allies differed much, the SDF's objective was to enact divine punishment as the attack on Berlin broke Sacred Laws of Carman Fea, as well as to test and evaluate new weapons and systems.

It is also a series of RPs hosted by Rupudska/Karlsland and Austria-Bohemia-Hungary, the first known as Day of Liberation (OOC, IC), the second as Thus, Men of Iron Fought Here (OOC, IC), based on the Light Novel Series Gate: Thus the JSDF fought there (Wikipedia) combined with elements of various other anime-franchises, most notably Strike Witches (Wikipedia).

Background: Attack on Berlin on 9th of May 2018

The Ambassador Groups 1 and 3 returned home on the 16th of May 2018.

The entire ordeal left Donald Críonna of the Tribe of Louth wounded, he retired in Septembre 2018, his partner Marla Cróimiam of the Tribe of Cork as well as Aingeal shell-shocked, and Ayden Tine of the Tribe of Wicklow facing own demons due to Crionna being wounded on his watch.

Operation Spartacus - SDF-Involvement

With the 1st of August 2018, the SDF-Army Force Grey Wolf was assembled and ready for transport, vessels of the Auxilliary Freighter Group moving the troops to Karlsland. Seeing them off were, amongst others, Mona Beag of the Tribe of Louth, Glynn Uisinn of the Tribe of Westmeath, the High Priest of Carman Fea, General Ferris Taoiseach of the Tribe of Antrim, Supreme Commander of the SDF, and Felicia Sciotóg of the Tribe of Monaghan, of the Foreign Office and interim-head and later Head of the very same.

Spartacus Commences

On the 22nd of August 2018, Operation Spartacus commenced, with addresses by the commanding officers of the contingents speaking to their troops. Colonel Arán spoke to the Regiment.

OOC-Note: Chronology according to this post.

Battle of Alnus Hill

After the loss of C-Platoon, 18th Maor-Regiment to a Cohortial Strongpoint and its Virdatus T 75/12 Ex 37 guns (a 75mm AT-gun), the SDF began to ask uncomfortable questions about the Creachadóir Heavy Armoured Reconnaissance Vehicle and its armour, soon applying reactive armour bricks to the front and sides of the hull as new standard.



Over the next few days, the Coalition Forces fortified and established their positions on the Saderan Side of the Gate, soon launching into reconnaissance flights and discovering the city of Italica under siege.

Meanwhile, Captain Leonard Trilseán of the Tribe of Sligo was put under investigation for the losses at Alnus Hill. It would later lead to major changes in the armoured doctrine of the Free Lands, with the Creachadóir Heavy Armoured Reconnaissance Vehicles' role changing to strictly reconnaissance elements, harassing skirmishers and the likes, not to MBTs.

Meanwhile, forward elements of the 11th Dragan-Regiment arrived as well, Colonel Ava Fuil of the Tribe of Monaghan taking command of the SDF-Forces on the other side on Day 3. Day 3 also saw the marking of the enemies within Italica as neutral, while the enemy outside was the focus of the attention of the majority of the Allied Forces. Italica surrendered on the same day, the 29th of August.

With 17th Company, 11th Dragan-Regiment under Captain Tea Lámhdhéanta of the Tribe of Cork arriving as well, as forward elements, the SDF's position was strengthened.

Draconic Encounter

On the 6th of September, a patrol of the Xth Regiment met a dragon.

Battle of Falernum

Also known as Operation Sanguine, the Battle of Falernum was the next larger engagement of the Coalition Forces, with participation of the SDF-Army Forces.

Assets of the SDF deployed with Operation Sanguine

Operation Falcata (name pending)

Saderan Counter Offensive

Awards and medals by allied forces for SDF-Personell

After the Operation, several allied nations exchanged awards and decorations. Most prominently, the 18th Maor-Regiment was awarded the Fahnenband of the Military Order of Maria Theresia by the Ostmarkians, its commanding officer, Colonel Viola Arán, receiving the Ritterkreuz of the Military Order of Maria Theresia. Captain Yvain Luan, leader of the 9th Air Transport Squadron, was awarded the Lifesaving Medal in Gold for his actions during the Battle of Alnus Hill.

Awards and Decorations send out by the SDF

The SDF awarded Oberst Denise-Françoise-Vallière de Chanclos, Freiin du Retz and Hauptoberjäger Antonia Bergemann with a short sword each for their liberation of the gladiator school of Falernum during Operation Sanguine and including the liberation of Asteria Sclábhaí of the Tribe of Fermanagh.


Transcript of the speech of Lieutenant Colonel Viola Arán of the Tribe of Fermanagh in Berlin, 22nd of August 2018

I'm not a fan of long speeches, so, short and simple, people. We are here, the enemy, Sadera, is there. Soon, we will be there. In Sadera. We will fight the enemy, will conduct ourselves befitting of Selkie-Warriors and soldiers of the SDF, will break the enemy with the help of our allies and force them to surrender.

Our Karlslandian allies are in this for revenge, for vengeance. This is not our path. We are in this because the enemy attacked our ambassadors and innocents. The enemy broke Sacred Laws. We are Carman Fea's Plague to punish them. We will fight with our heads, not our hearts, and see to it, that they stay attached. What stands in our way, is done away with. Who opposes us, will be defeated. If the enemy strikes at you, strike back thrice as hard. And we will all return home safe and sound.

Ar aghaidh.

SDF-Force Grey Wolf

Commanding Officer: Brigadier Liam Óga of the Tribe of Laois, CO Mobile Forces Command.

Chief of Staff: Lieutenant Colonel Kendra Cumasach of the Tribe of Cork, Chief of Staff, Mobile Forces Command.

Staff, SDF-Army Force Grey Wolf.
SDF-Army Force Grey Wolf Animal Section.
Mobile Forces Command Logistics Unit.
Mobile Forces Command Field Hospital Unit 3 (on standby).
2nd Company, Great Woods Rangers.
9th Air Transport Squadron (12 Fuisce Utility Helicopters).
14th Air Combat Squadron (24 SDY-Sciathan 18 Stuama Mark II Light Multirole Fighters, on standby).
4th Air Combat Squadron (24 Veilbhit-II Light Attack Aircraft, on standby).
II. Squadron, SDF-Army Military Police Regiment (on standby).
SDF-Navy Drone Group Nead Foiche (6 Foiche Mark I, on standby).
11th Dragan-Regiment (on standby).
18th Maor-Regiment.

Important Characters (TS)

18th Maor-Regiment

11th Dragan-Regiment

Other units of the SDF-Army