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Operation Spriocearcaitheoir, or Operation Headhunter, was an operation of the SDF-Navy against submarines of unclear origin (the Lutetiian Navy and the Confederated Coast Guard denied all involvement) between 1942 and 1948. It was the first long-range deployment of major vessels of the SDF-Navy away from the Mainland in the history of the young Navy.

The force of the SDF-Navy engaged in Operation Spriocearcaitheoir became known as Abhcan's Little Daggers, after the flagship of the Operation, SDFS Abhcan, and has a Novel Series by Finnegan Scríbhneoir of the Tribe of Cork written about it.



1945: Squalo Incident

Units involved

Main unit of Operation Spriocearcaitheoir was the 1st Patrol Gunboat Squadron, from 1942 to 1946, until they were ordered back home for repairs and refits, with SDFS Abhcan staying for the first service upgrade from 1946 to 1949. While back home, their mission was taken over by the 3rd Patrol Gunboat Squadron, which remained on station until the Operation's end 1948.

In 1943, the SDF-Navy considered sending one of the Male Group's Cruisers down to Shella, SDFS Ladra being one of the most often quoted names. However, all three vessels of the Male Group were held back in Wembury and the Mainland.

As for the Lutetiian Navy, in documents released in 2017, it came to light, that they monitored the situation around Shella and dealt with the disappearance of vessels under mysterious circumstances as well.


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