Otis Sassa is a an actor from Teressien, as well as a known philanthropist.


Otis is the son of the known movie critic Alrik Sassa, who promised to never publically critisize one of his movies (but gives them quite a bit of flak privately). Still, Otis was always drawn in front of the camera more then in front of the silver screen, appearing as an extra starting 1993, which had the useful side effect of bettering up his pocket money.

He first appeared on screen as more then an extra in 2000's



Personal Relations

Aaltje Schreyg

Otis and Aaltje first appeared on the screen together in Bahnhofsmädchen in 2018 and it became very clear very fast, that the two actors worked well together.

Otis and Aaltje's sister Jette share a healthy amount of respect for each other,

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