The Paganism of the Spiorad Ainmhithe is one of the three religions in the Free Lands, the other two being Selkie-Paganism and the other being Judaism, as practiced by the Selkie-Jews. Their form of the Geansai is known as the Gwisgwanaeth.

Legends and MythsEdit

The Origins of the WorldEdit

The Origins of the SpioradEdit

In the beginning, the Gods roamed the land freely, lived, loved and hunted - one day, however, Vaelic and Erbina killed a pair of deer, which they took pity on. The beauty of the two animals, their closeness, even in death, moved the two Gods. They reshaped the two into the first pair of Spiorads, beings in their image, but with the ears and horns and tails of deer on their body, a reminder of where they had been and where the Gods, who they were eternally thankful to, had aided them.

Soon, other Gods followed their example and the ranks of the Spiorad grew - who had to learn how to play nice with each other before they lived together peacefully.


The Gwisgwanaeth plays an important role in the ceremonies, originally costumes of animals, which represented their Gods. And these costumes were also used in 'plays' recounting old stories and tales. It is often interpreted as analogous to the Geansai, but that is not completely the case.


List of DietiesEdit

Major DietiesEdit

  • Moricil: God of Winds, Sky and Travelling.
  • Togot: God of Community Protection. He is associated with the Scaled Bear.
  • Vaelic: God of Wild Animals and Hunting. Mate of Erbina.
  • Harac: God of Agriculture. Mate of Lida.
  • Neto: God of War. He is associated with the Scalefang.
  • Banda: Water-Goddess, guards the Entrance to the Underworld. She is associated with the Woodstalker.
  • Besencla: Goddess of Households and Communities.
  • Erbina: Goddess of Wild Animals and Hunting. Mate of Vaelic. She is associated with the Star Lynx.
  • Sulias: Medical Goddess, Goddess of Springs.
  • Lida: Goddess of Fertility and Land. Mate of Harac.

Minor DietiesEdit

  • Corva: Shield-Goddess.

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