The Partito dei Berretti Rossi, also known as the PBR and internationally known as the Party of the Red Berets, is a nationalistic-liberal political party from Lutetii, which has the majority in the Maggior Consiglio of Lutetii and provides the Doge, Sanita Capintesta, who also acts as provisional Head of the Party as she has stepped down in the light of the election victory to wholly focus on being Doge.

Symbol of the party is a red beret, red being in Lutetiian tradition the colour of change with the beret being the symbol of youthful spirit and energy. The slogan of the Party is Vittoria al progresso!, Victory to Progress!



2011 Election Cycle

The Manifest of the Party of the Red Berets (2013)

Written by Floriana Bionde and co-authored by the ideological leadership of the PBR, the Manifest of the Party of the Red Berets is the ideological foundation of the PBR, their entire program summarized in 69 pages (first editions). An English Release followed in 2018.

2015 Election Cycle

2019 Election Cycle: In charge as Doge

Important Members


Relationship to the Windsinger-Sect

Relationship to the Free Lands

Military and Security

Economic Policies

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