Pattern 2015 Infantry Armour

Pattern 2015 Infantry Armour, without helmet. The rifle is an early model KGS-26 Carbine.

The Pattern 2015 Infantry Armour is the lighter alternative to the heavier Pattern 2019 Infantry Armour and the more battlefield-suited version of the Zil Light Protective Suit. Especially the Mechanized Brigades are equipped with these Infantry Armours.

The total Pattern 2015 Infantry Armour weights 10 to 12 kilograms, depending on configuration, and can withstand rifle fire at medium distance, transforming the force of the bullet into blunt trauma.



Clothing and armour

Basis of the Pattern 2015 Infantry Armour is a skin-tight suit of a flame-retardant material. The armour plates are installed on this

The Helmet

The helmet, while still offering the same protective properties as the one of the Pattern 2019 Infantry Armour, including the respirator and the integrated radio, is far less electronics-heavy, with the visor only protecting the wearer. An additional mount allows for the addition of night vision and thermographic devices.

A camera with an onboard recorder can catch up to 96 hours of footage and can, with the assistance of a tactical radio,

Load-Bearing Equipment

The Tablet

Section Leaders are equipped with a heavy-duty tablet

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