Pattern 2019 Infantry Armour (Kyrenaian)

Pattern 2019 Infantry Armour, weapons, from left: KGS-23 Assault Rifle, KGS-24 Battle Rifle, KGS-28 Semi-Automatic Shotgun.

The Pattern 2019 Infantry Armour is the body armour and integrated soldier system in developed for the Armies of the Five Deserts and the Fleet Ground Forces, as well as other parts of the armed forces. A lighter version for the Police Special Forces is in development as well. The entire system weights 15 to 19 kilograms, depending on the configuration. Currently, the the Armies of the Five Deserts and the Fleet Ground Forces plan to equip their mobile infantry units with these systems, most prominently of the Airborne and Helicopter Brigades and of Quick Response Force 1 and 2, while especially the mechanized infantry received a downgraded version, the Pattern 2015 Infantry Armour.

Parts of the technology, for example the helmet, were and are adopted into other applications, for example into service with tanks and armoured vehicles. The Alsuyuf IV Main Battle Tank will fully integrate and support the system.

All armour systems are equipped with a deadman's switch, which destroys the computer systems with a small charge in case of the soldier dying suddenly and not powering down the armour's computer system properly.

The Pattern 2019 Infantry Armour is the heavier equivalent to the Zil Light Protective Suit.



Clothing and armour

Both armour and clothing are made from materials, which reduce the heat signature of the wearer. The underlying overall is, once the helmet is worn, protected against NBC-weaponry, and watertight until a depth of 25 metres. However, the Pattern 2019 Infantry Armour is neither a dive suit nor is it recommended to use it as such, as the ability to swim is hindered by the armour.

The armour can withstand 7.62x51 mm ammunition at close ranges, transforming the force of the bullet into blunt trauma. In the words of one man: "It smarts, but one survives."

The Helmet

The most impressive piece of the entire armour is the helmet, a fully-enclosed device with integrated radio, respirator (including a gas mask function), a HUD and corresponding features. The visor has an integrated night vision option and the helmet can be upgraded to include thermal vision by an external device.

A camera enables the soldier to send a live feed back to his operational command and fellow soldiers, which can view them via a helmet-mounted display.

Armour Computer

The Armed Forces also saw the potential of the Armour Computer for recreation and training and fully integrated a movie-player, a music-player and a chess game (including a multiplayer function with other soldiers) into the system.

Load-Bearing Equipment

Combat Information Network

Power Sources

The armour's computer is powered by two rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, which can be recharged at every Kyrenaian Power Socket without problems. Adapters for different sockets are provided at the supply office.

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