Pattern 253 was developed as a relatively compact sized and economic dry bulk carrier by Silverport Dockyards Limited for the rising exports of the Free Lands. With a cargo hold volume of 78.800 m³ in six cargo holds and four hydraulic cranes (each with a lifting capacity of up to 30 tons) for self-loading, the Pattern 253 can transport their cargo of up to 63.800 tdw to many ports, including those with limited infrastructure.

It is a freighter with its superstructure sternwards, including the cabines of the crew and the bridge. All necessary facilities are located there. Due to each of the cargo holds having their own hydraulic operated hatch, containers can't be placed on the deck. This, and its overall construction, make it possible for the Pattern 253 to withstand heavy seas more efectively then other models - and with less damage. Pattern 253 can, but shouldn't be loaded with liquid bulk due to the safety regulations in several countries (including the Free Lands). Most dangerous dry goods can be transported via Pattern 253, though.

All in all, the Pattern 253 is a relatively cheap, but capable and sturdy freighter for dry bulk. In 2017, the Pattern 253 was taken as a basis for the development of the Hope-class Hospital Vessel.

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