The Pattern 256 Tanker is a long range tanker of the Aframax-category, capable of transporting up to 115,000 tons DWT of oil or other fluids, including chemicals, typically transporting either crude oil or fuel oil around the world. Due to their relatively small size, especially when compared to so-called supertankers, the Pattern 256 Tanker can enter and leave next to all cargo harbours in the world, making them the ideal choice for transport of fluids.


The Pattern 256 Tanker has both a reinforced double-hull and a special bow to safely transit icy waters, as well as stainless steel tanks to hold the cargo. Especially important for the ship's and the cargo's safety, and the crew's and environment's safety along with it, is the inert gas system, creating an atmosphere inside the tanks, which does not permit any ignition of hydrocarboon vapors of the oil within the tanks.

Cargo can be transferred on and off a tanker by either Marine Loading Arms (or Chiksan) or offshore buoys, but lightering is also possible, either as receiver for a larger tanker's cargo or, although we doubt that this would be necessary, as the sender of cargo.

The environmental impact of a Pattern 256 Tanker is negligible thanks to its filters and the possibility to power the engine, and therefore the ship, with dimethyl ether.

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