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Pflasterhirsch Feinmechanik- und Gerätevertrieb is a company from Teressien with its seat in Zieselhaven, Herzogtum Zieselhaven und Elms. Both Nela, Prinzessin von Zieselhaven und Elms and Fiete, Herzog von Zieselhaven und Elms own major shares in the company, the former having a seat on the board of directors since 2013.

The company is a wholesale company selling weapons and military equipment, both of surpluses and newly manufactured, to gun stores and private persons via an online catalogue. This has caused quite a few controversies over the last few decades. Pflasterhirsch and the Mangaire Dealership Company Limited from the Free Lands have often been compared.

A Pflasterhirsch is a derogatory term for a horse in urban environments.


In 1992, Pflasterhirsch was one of the major buyers of the Equipment of the Lutetiian Armed Forces, when they were disbanded.

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