Pina Tíogar of the Tribe of Wexford is a Selkie-Actress, Model and Sportswoman, practicing Tank Sport - being member of one of the few teams in the Free Lands, Realincse Fánaígh.

Pina's boyfriend is Donnchadh Urdhún of the Tribe of Cork.


Pina was born late in 1999 in Cuan, to Captain Ava Tíogar of the Tribe of Wexford, one of the very few officers of the SDF-Army at the time, who had experience with the application of armoured vehicles due studying that with the RKA. Her father was a houseman and responsible for her education. Pina's relationship with her mother is deep and loving, but developed in spurts, due to her mother being often absent.

In 2015, she watched a demonstration match of Tank Sport with a few friends - and while her friends fell for the charming sport-tankers, she fell for their machines, soon very enthusiastic. She joined a team shortly after her graduation in 2018.

In 2016, she became a model for Bicíní Industries,

In 2019, she attended the 2019 Cuan Spring Festival, leading her boyfriend's Salalkubz Forest Wolf Lorgaire. She also starred in the movie The Avalanche of Steel, driving one of Muharib Infantry Tanks in the Battle of Allaazwrd in 1947/1948, during the Allaazwrd-Uprising.


Pina loves simple dresses and 

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