The Pistol, Automatic, Model 1923, also known as the PAM 1923 or Gabha FMG-4, was a submachine gun produced by Gabha Blacksmiths Limited. The SDF-Army and SDF-Navy had the PAM-1923 in service from 1925 to 1995, when it was replaced by the Pistol, Automatic, Model 2010.



The PAM 1923 was withdrawn from frontline service in the 50s, with the PAM 1923 remaining as the weapon of choice of the Great Woods Rangers, of vehicle crews and the SDF-Army Sapper Corps until 1995. Some vehicle crews during Operation Spartacus had PAM 1923 with them still by choice. From the 50s to 2012, the SDF-Army's Frontline Troops lacked a standard issue SMG, with the role filled by the Carbine, Automatic, Model 1949 and its Amhantar-Version, at least for a while.

In 1966, the SDF-Army planned to acquire a new submachine gun, Gabha FMG-64 as the Pistol, Automatic, Model 1968, but the project fell through due to budgeting issues. During the entire Humanitarian Mission of the SDF to Kupandukira, the SDF-Army operated without a standard submachine gun. Ironically enough, after the Gabha FMG-64 fell through and Gabha produced these for the export market, a number of these submachine guns found its ways into the hands of the rebelling forces in Kupandukira.

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