The Pistol, Automatic, Model 2010, or PAM 2010 for short, is a small and light submachine gun and personal defence weapon intended for short ranges to be used in close quarters or by vehicle crews, developed and produced by Gabha Blacksmiths Limited.


The PAM 2010 is a weapon operated by a straight blowback action with a closed bolt, a simple mechanism using the blowback gases of the firing weapon to push the bolt back, loading a new bullet and compressing the action spring for the next shot. Easy to maintain and operate, the PAM 2010 is a weapon suited for every occupation. The PAM 2010 fires the 7.65x17 mm round.

Much like the CAM-2008, the PAM 2010 has a polygonal rifled barrel, which makes the barrel thicker and more resistant to the stress of firing a bullet, allows for more of the combustion gases to stay behind the bullet and propel it forward as it travels forward, making the bullet go faster, reduces the buildup of bullet remains inside the barrel and therefore easier to maintain, or it makes the barrel, in short, better.

The PAM 2010 is ambidextrous, can be fired in fully automatic and semi-automatic firing modes and has a large trigger guard for operating the PAM 2010 with heavy gloves on. In front of said trigger guard is a slot capable of being mounted with a foregrip or a flashlight, while a retractable folding stock tucks right into the side of the weapon.

The PAM 2010 is made mostly using carbon-fibre reinforced polymers.

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