The Pistol, Semi-Automatic, Model 1910, C-Variation (PSAM-1910 C) is an updated variation of the sidearm of all SDF and police personell, a bit lighter due to the use of composite materials, but not any less sturdy. Firing the large 7.65x17mm bullets, the PSAM-1910 C has a high man-stopping power, but only a little magazine with seven rounds - we found out, however, that eight rounds (seven in the magazine, one in the chamber) suffice in most situations.

The blowback operated handgun is a simple, sturdy and easy to maintain design, which can operate in next to all environments, from deserts to the sea - that excludes beneath the sea and in vacuum, for both, there are other handguns on offer (Pistol, Semi-Automatic, Air-Pressured, Model 1987).

As a pistol, the PSAM-1910 C has only a limited range, but is well suited for close quarters combat. A gunman with a little bit of training can hit a man's head at 20 metres with ease.

A tactical flashlight or laserpointers can be mounted beneath the barrel, a silencer can be bought as well. Extensions for the magazine to hold twelve rounds are on offer.

Starting 2022, the PSAM-1910 C was supplemented, then replaced by the Eabhar E-17 Handgun.

Developed and produced by Gabha Blacksmiths Limited.

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