Pointy Ears, sometimes also called Elvin Ears and Vulcan Ears,

Medical Reasons

Medical reasons for the Pointy Ears are syndromes like the Williams Syndrome and the Donohue Syndrom.

Cultural Reasons

In different regions, it is more or less wide-spread to reshape the ears to being pointy either due to fashion-sentiments or due to cultural reasons.

Khanate of Las

Khana Dilara bint-Samira

Khana Dilara bint-Samira, the Khana of Las.

In the Khanate of Las, people of influence are often seen with pointy ears, the Khana and her family being the prime example.

Territory of Jalid

The Jalidi sometimes point the ears of the children of people of high renown and respect, but that custom is going more and more out of fashion. An example would be Tamina Safir, the wife of Vizier Azad Safir.

Silver Mountains


Professor Celina Ollamh of the Tribe of Monaghan.

Some Selkie-Communities in the Silver Mountains shape the ears into a pointed shape, due to a cultural belief concerning the Curly Mountain Fox.

Children of the Great Woods

The Order of the Klingenritter

In the Order-Territories, the followers of the Pagan Sect of Funuay is known to point their ears as a sign of their worship, a few smaller sects being known for similar rituals as well.

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