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Police in Kyrenaia enjoys a huge reputation for efficiency

Military law enforcement is seen as a matter of the military.


Police Services

Royal Kyrenaian Coast Guard

See Main Article: Royal Kyrenaian Coast Guard.

Police Special Forces

Metropolitan Polices

City Polices

Town Polices

Rural Police

The Rural Police is responsible for law enforcement in the less populated areas of Kyrenaia and in rural communities,

To fulfill their duties, the Rural Police have both motor vehicles, horses and camels at their disposal. In the Khanate of Las, a special unit of the Rural Police rides Sandswimmers, although their role is purely ceremonial these days.

State Police

One of the responsibilities of the State Police is guarding prisons and prisoners.


The Polices of Kyrenaia use a huge variety of equipment to fulfill their duties, which is not standardized. However, some common trends can be made out.


Small Arms


  • Horses and camels.



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