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The Port Monee Merchant Navy Company, known in Teressien as the Handelsflotte von Port Monee or HFPM for short, is a small shipping company with its homeport in Port Monee in the Baronate of the same name in Teressien. Owner of the company is Wilrun IV..


As Reederei Lerna (1989 - 2011)

The Baroness takes over (2011 - 2016)

In 2011, Baronin Wilrun took over the stricken company, paying up all the debts in exchange for the vessels and assets of the company.

Expanding slowly (2016 - today)


The HFPM has a small fleet of sixteen vessels. Of these vessels, five are RoRo-vessels designed for neo-bulk cargo and specifically cars, two tankers, eight bulk goods carriers and one refrigerated cargo vessel.

Pride of the Fleet is the RoRo-vessel Aleydis, named in honor of Wilrun's mother.

Business Partners

The business of the HFPM is moving goods, mostly bulk, neo-bulk and liquid bulk, from point A to point B, with maybe a stopover at point C to take aboard goods as well. As such, the company is a bit limited in its selection of business partners, especially due to the fact, that the company has a preference for local business.

One of the main businesses is shipping the products of the Hammacker Motorenwerke all over the world, the fleet counting five vessels specifically designed to transport vehicles.

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