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Prince Elian ibn-Sarah is the older son of Sarah, Ilkhana of Kyrene and a student of History at the University of Sabratha. He occasionally models for Bicíní Industries, something he began after his sister imparted the idea. Due to him being the older of the two, he is often seen as the most likely candidate as successor of his mother.

He is a talented bassist and dancer.


In February of 2020, he went on a State Visit to Astares Amauricanum with Prince Damir ibn-Razia and his girlfriend Razia Wasima.


Elian loves his little sister dearly,

Elian is a talented musician and is very interested in body art.

Personal Relations

Razia Wasima

With the feisty musician, Elian has at first glance little in common, but both have a love for music, both for dances and for making music. That he is lover of the Hot Metal Genre is only the icing on the cake.

They got to know each other over a shared acquaintance, Prince Damir ibn-Razia.

Princess Razia bint-Ilia

Elian and Razia were in a relationship a long time before, from 2015 to 2016. While they did seperate on good terms, mostly owed to the fact, that he was beginning his Service far away and neither was into long-distance relationships, they have little contact anymore these days.

Princess Alya bint-Sarah

To his sister's Personal Handmaiden, Alaya Sikadidia, he has a good relationship.

Fadwa Madan

Fadwa Madan, his Personal Handmaiden, was and is a close confidant to the Prince,

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