Prince Karim ibn-Fadi is the youngest child of Ilkhana Nesrin of Fenchu, and youngest brother to both Princess Dschamila bint-Fadi and Prince Atif ibn-Fadi, often overshadowed by either of them. He is also a poet and pianist, writing under the nom de plume Karim Risha, gifted in both subjects, with a dedication and effort searching equals in the world.


Born in 2000 as the youngest son of Ilkhana Fadi of Fenchu, he had a well-protected and good childhood, and one could think, that he had everything... except recognition. Behind his more famous older sister and his older brother and his antics, he simply vanished, rarely acknowledged. It didn't really help, that he neither has his older brother's good looks nor his sister's intelligence, being a young man of good looks, but not handsomeness, with wisdom mostly building on dedication and effort, as well as quite a bit of intelligence.

His childhood was well spent, his school grades on good levels due to his dedication to the task as this was one of the only ways for him to get acknowledged, his grades a good deal above average - even in sciences, traditionally a weakpoint of the family.

With 13, he was accepted at the Tabar Boys' Academy in Utica, where Karim learned to play the piano, soon discovering his two true talents: Music, as he picked up the piano (soon switching to keyboard), and writing, especially poetry, publishing under a nom de plume. His school career continued with good grades due to his efforts and dedication, soon becoming the go-to-person for problems with the material and even one of teachers of the tutoring programme.

In September 2018, he attended the Convocation of Crowns. After the assassination attempt on Fara, he was almost sick with worries, a worry, which did not abate despite him being allowed to execute the leaders behind the attack with the Tabar. This also earned the Grand Vizier his gratitude.

Karim graduated in 2019 and began his Service with the Coastal Division Naval Base Cossyra of the Sultan's Navy. He plans to do his two years and then study.


Try as he might, but he can not talk to most beautiful women, his expression repeatedly being described as "adorkable" - Princess Fara bint-Dardan is one of the few exceptions of that rule, much to anyone's amusement. He's also single, although he has experience in matters of the heart, and knows how to dance quite well.

He got used to getting little attention, preferring the peace and quiet, but being dragged out for several occassion and, literally, rolling with it.

Personal Relations

Princess Dschamila bint-Fadi

His relations to his older sister are... complicated, to say the least. The two don't hate each other, never truly did, but there were a few issues along the way, which were worked out.

Princess Fara bint-Dardan

When he was around 15, just in puberty, he not only met Princess Fara, but also developed a crush on her. A very heavy crush, which she, 24 at the time, found adorable... and although she liked the young man, she did not like him in that way.

She tried to let him down gently, but while her kindness was later appreciated, it didn't look so at first and the young man retreated into a bit of a shell, writing poetry with the ache in his heart - he later placed the resulting volume of poems at her feet (literally), which resulted in the two of them becoming friends, mainly becuase Fara understood his crush: She had recognized him, given him attention, more then others.

When it was the time for his formal debut, it was her, who introduced him, dancing his first dance, much to the jealousy of his classmates and the entire ball room.

Kalak seemed to like him.

Princess Fadia bint-Dardan

Fara had a penchant to play matchmaker between Karim and her little sister and for a lot of time, that didn't really work despite her best efforts. The two seemed to be friends - close friends, but friends nonetheless.

Until the 17th of June, 2019, that was. In the attack by terrorists on the Al'Arz, Fadia was wounded and Karim was struck with the realization, that he loved her. He accompanied her during her recuperation best he could, considering that he began his Service with the Coastal Division Naval Base Cossyra a short time afterwards.

He has yet to tell her of his feelings.

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