Prince Mahmut ibn-Idris is the son of Idris, Ilkhan of Sarepta and Amina, Ilkhana of Sarepta, as well as older brother of Princess Aischa bint-Idris and Princess Siham bint-Idris, The Twins.


- Nephew of Grand Vizier Mahmut al-Zahir.

- very bright child, staying with his uncle in Utica and learning from him (and teaching him, too) and others of the Kyrenaian Royalty, ascended to youngest unofficial councillor of Razia-Sultana during the Tsengai-Crisis.

- owns a Sand Wolf named Awwa (named after the star Delta Virginis).

- Typical boy of that age, but also with full protocol-training. Introduced at Court with ten, when he completed the move to Utica (lived there since he was five)

- Has a sweet tooth, loves Luqaimat, and loves Samke Harra

- plays E-Bass

- Handmaiden assigned to him: Shirin Bayd, sees her as an older-sister figure

- sees Prince Okan as an older-brother-figure

- tried (and tries) to ship Okan and Shirin

- learned how to dance from Prince Damir, his teaching partner being Lady Fara.

- on the Reserve List of the TBA's Big Band, actually in the Literature Club


- intelligent young man, very keen on applying knowledge

- has a roguish side, too

Personal Relations

Prince Okan ibn-Dardan and Shirin Bayd

Mahmut al-Zahir

Princess Gisella Villa of the UIS

Prince Mahmut and Princess Gisella got to know and to love each other during the State Visit of the latter's elder sister to Kyrenaia. Fast friends due to their shared love for music, it only required a few pushes into the right direction to get the two of them together, one of which as the Ball held in her sister's honour.

Idris, Ilkhan of Sarepta

To his father, Mahmut's relation is tenuous at best, especially since he had been sent off to live with his Uncle.

Prince Damir ibn-Razia and Princess Aurelia bint-Damir

Soraya Geal

Soraya and Mahmut look back on a long friendship, defined by scrapes together and trust, the childhood girlfriend. She is actually from Sarepta herself and only applied for the HGA's admittance test to have an excuse to travel to Utica and stayed there upon admittance. She didn't make the cut for the Tribute (didn't want to either), so she joined Horsearchery under Princess Aurelia, learning from the Princess more then just how to ride a horse and shoot a bow at the same time, all to be close to Mahmut. She loves him dearly and even with Gisella in the picture, she developed a certain bit of bitterness, but she still loves him. She wants him to be happy, but if his happiness is not by her side, she will accept it - knowing her hopes for him, a Prince, falling for her, a commoner, were slim to begin with.

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