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Prince Okan ibn-Dardan is the oldest son of Ilkhan Dardan of Megido and his wife Aynur, Ilkhana of Megido, and, as such, the oldest brother to Princess Fara bint-Dardan and Princess Fadia bint-Dardan.

His Personal Handmaiden is Alya Mumrada and owns the yacht Bahith Alhikma, the Seeker of Wisdom.


Okan was born in 1987 to Ilkhan Dardan of Megido and his wife Aynur, Ilkhana of Megido in Megido's Palace of the Ruby Hall as the first child of the two. It became apparent very quickly, that there was something wrong with him. In 1991, he was diagnosed with the Alström Syndrome, which causes chronic Heart Failure due to Dilated Cardiomyopathy, DCM for short, Light Sensitivity, mild hearing loss and Type 2 Diabetes. Due to the rarity of the disease, Prince Okan volunteered to have research conducted upon him.

In the same year, his younger sister, Princess Fara bint-Dardan, was born. His disease stayed singular and the only one in his family to suffer from it.

Okan was taught by a private tutor and

In 2015, he and his Handmaiden had a cameo-appearance in the action thriller Like Desert Roses in a Sandstorm, where he played himself.

In 2017, his sisters got the go-ahead to organize a birthday party for him, inviting all manners of people.


Okan is a young man wise beyond his years,

Despite his illness, Okan remains in good cheer, a bright spot in troubled times for his sisters. He is a passionate collector of coins and post cards, as well as an avid reader, or at least tries to.

Coin collection (extract)

  • Kyrenaian coins, of the plenty.
  • Selkie coins, of the plenty.
  • Coins and bills of the URSG, nearly complete, in a place of honour.

Personal Relations

Alya Mumrada

To his Personal Handmaiden,

Prince Mahmut ibn-Idris and Shirin Bayd

Razia Sultana Umm Albilad

Beyeha Okka Melko

Okka and Okan enjoy a close friendship, officially, with the two of them sharing a lot of walks and discussing many matters, amongst them Ihmiset Literature, which Okan learned to like at Okka's recommendations and a gift.

Unofficially, Okan likes her very much, seeing her not only as an intellectual equal, but also as a young woman, who he could love, despite the difference in age. She knows of that, which leads to a complicated relationship between the two, only made worse by the fact, that she is crushing on him quite heavily.

Okan keeps himself out of any matter pertaining the ascension of the Territory of Jalid to a Khanate, knowing, that any interference of his could only make it worse.

Bey Keke Melko and Beya Vilja Melko approve of this sort of relationship and made it known to Okan's Handmaiden, that if they were ever try to use that relationship to their own advantage, she was allowed to punch them.