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Princess Alya bint-Sarah is one of the two children of Sarah, Ilkhana of Kyrene, and the younger of both. Renown for her beautiful, deep and vibrating voice, she is usually sorted as a deep Alto. Since 2021, she studies Music History at the University of Sabratha.

She also models for the company Bicíní Industries from the Free Lands and sometimes for local companies as well. Alya owns a small Altnyn by the name of Tarjah.


  • 2016: Receives Tarjah.
  • 2015-2021: HGA
    • Part of the Tribute, Main Singer, often lend to the TBA Big Band
    • 2019: Wounded lightly during 2019 Al'Arz Terrorist Attack.
    • 2021: Graduation, no Service due to being part of the Tribute
  • 2021, autumn: Begins studies of Music History at the University of Sabratha.


Personal Relations

Prince Elian ibn-Sarah

To Fadwa Madan, his Personal Handmaiden,

Alaya Sikadidia

Alaya was and is Alya's shadow,

Princess Aurelia bint-Damir

Prince Mahmut ibn-Idris and Soraya Geal

Khana Amina bint-Karim and Marla Ribín of the Tribe of Cork