Princess Amana bint-Samir is the oldest daughter of Khan Samir ibn-Mustafa, the Khan of Jazirat Alshahwa, and oldest sister to Amir and Rasha bint-Samir.

Since May 2020, Amana serves as the Katibi/Minister of Education of the Khanate of Jazirat Alshahwa, both by request of her Father and by request of the local Wasita (the head of the local government).


Princess Amana bint-Samir was born in exile: In 1929, the Kyrenaian Colony and Khanate of Jazirat Alshahwa made itself independent, her great-grandparents and a lot of her relatives dying in the final uprising as the rebels killed everyone of Kyrenaian descent, who they could get their hands on. With her Grandfather, at the time 15, becoming the Khan of Jazirat Alshahwa, the Exiled Khanate began its life.

Fast forward to 1989: Amana was born in the seat of the Exiled Khanate, Motya, where the rich and powerful of Kyrenaia have their yachts - she was born to Prince Samir ibn-Mustafa, the only possible heir of the office of the Khan of Jazirat Alshahwa. Amana was born as the first of three children, her younger siblings Amir and Rasha being born in 1992 and 1997 respectively.

Attending school from 1995, she decided to not take the entrance exams to one of the Old Academies in 2002, instead choosing to attend the Motya Middle School and the Lugha High School until she graduated in 2008. She especially excelled in languages, chose to join the Fencing Club, choosing the Type 1 Sabre for herself, and was still a relatively regular guest of the Literature Club (on Tuesdays, when the Fencing Club did not convene). She wore the Fustan Raqis Alsyf, the Sworddancer's Dress, in quite a few tournaments, where she competed successfully.

After her graduation, Amana made her Service for two years, serving as a conscript with the 2nd Mechanized Brigade.

From 2010 onwards, she began her studies of Philology and German Philology, achieving her Bachelor Degree in 2014, working on her Master's Degree. In 2016, she made a year abroad in the Free Lands of the Selkie.

Her studies were interrupted in March 2018, when Va'a Mamao became the target of a Kyrenaian Peacekeeping Operation, which also reestablished the Khanate, with her father as the Khan. They returned in May and immediately she attended the meetings of her father with the local power-holders to stabilize the hold. The shift of the local administration staying in local hands and the Khan basically acting as a liason to the Sultan and to the Ilkhanate of Utica was her idea.

From then, she paused her studies to help her Father.

In May 2020, Amana began to take a more active and official role in the politics of the Khanate, becoming a Katibi, a minister, in the local government - both by her father's request and by the request of the Wasita, the head of the Khanate's government. Her area of expertise is supposed to be the education.


Amana is a young woman with a dark wit, a liking for sweets and intelligent. She is active, especially when it comes to her hobbies of fencing and football. She's also a dancer. It speaks for her dedication and will to work, that she, despite having little to no talent for it, became quite a good dancer.

Her negatives are her dark wit, which on quite a few occassions borders on insultingly sarcastic, her breast envy and her stubborn belief in the superiority of the Motya Football Club over all of the other football clubs in the world (they just avoided the relegation into the Third League).

She likes fencing, football (both watching and playing herself), dancing, sweets (that's an important part, as cliche as it might be) and dislikes sour food, axeriders, large-breasted women dispising Princess Aurelia bint-Damir). Her greatest fear is disappointing her Father.

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