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Princess Dschamila bint-Fadi, also known as the Flower of Fenchu, is a Kyrenaian Princess and student of Economics in Utica, as well as next in like for the throne of the Ilkhanate of Fenchu. She is the older sister to Prince Atif ibn-Fadi and Prince Karim ibn-Fadi.

She has ambitions to attain the Sultan's Throne after the death of Razia-Sultana Umm Albilad.


Princess Dschamila bint-Fadi was born in 1994 as first child of Ilkhan Fadi III., Fadi Kanuni, as he is called by Kyrenaian Historians, and Nesrin, Ilkhana of Fenchu. In 1996 she got a little brother, Prince Atif, and in 2000 another one, Prince Karim. Her father praised her as the Flower of Fenchu in 2011, hence giving rise to her moniker.

She went through Pre-Elementary Education and was, in 2000, introduced to a public Elementary School in Ruspina. In 2007, she applied for the Madrasa Girls' Academy in Ruspina and passed the entrance exams. She had an unassuming educational career, graduated in 2013. At the Madrasa, she was part of the Horseman Team and was part of the Mobility Archery, Axeriding and Fencing Teams. In the 2011/2012 and 2012/2013 Seasons, she was Leftenant and in charge of the Axeriding Team. During this time, she was able to present several trophies to her mother. Although she tried her hand at Sworddancing, including with the support of her Personal Handmaiden Tariqa Misardia, she never really succeeded.

Her Father died in 2011, Dschamilla taking over some of his representative duties, especially when it came to working with children.

In 2013, after graduation, she began her Service. She served her two years without any major incidents and reached the rank of Lance Corporal with the 2nd Mechanized Brigade, 2nd (Caralis) Armoured Division in Caralis.

In 2015, she was put into the Reserves as usual and began her studies of Economics in Utica. Attaining her Bachelor of Economics in 2018, she continued with her Master Studies in Ruspina, making a Foreign Semester at the University of Zieselhaven in Teressien.


Dschamilla practices equestrian sports and Combat Sports, in particular fencing and sworddancing, as she did in school.

She is well aware of her looks and her station, so she is rather tight and formal, except when children are involved. She does not like alcohol, but the occasional shisha is fine with her, she even invites friends to it.

Politically, Dschamilla is in line with the national conservative interest group Amsalmuswa. She is opposed to Homosexual Marriage (and even opposed, to some extend, to the Legalization of Homosexuality) and is very much interested in the preservation of the cultural, political and national identity of Kyrenaia - however, while leading thinkers and representatives of the Amsalmuswa see the limitation of migration as the way to do it, Dschamilla (while wanting to keep a lid on it as well) is more attuned to the position of strengthening Kyrenaia's economy and culture.

Personal Relations


Princess Aurelia bint-Damir

"Mutt Princess"

Mahmut al-Zahir

Tariqa Misardia

Personal Handmaiden, more of a secretary these days

Fadwa Faris and Elian Faris

Fadwa Faris is an old friend of her mother, from her school days at the Madrasa Girls' Academy in Ruspina, her own school.

Elian and Dschamilla dated for a while, but in the end, it didn't work out. The two remained close acquaintances, though.