Princess Fadia bint-Dardan is the third child of Ilkhan Dardan of Megido and his wife Aynur, Ilkhana of Megido, younger sister to Prince Okan ibn-Dardan and Princess Fara bint-Dardan.

Fadia owns the Small Kyrenaian Falcon Junah, as well as the Yacht Zaenifa.

Biography (chronologic)

  • Born in 2000 in Megido.
  • 2006: Began school, language classes were strong point. On her birthday, her father takes her out to his falcons, which starts her love for them.
  • 2007: Begins to play the Oud.
  • 2011: Writes a book review for Fortress of Steel for a school assignment, which later gets published by coincidence. Fadia begins to write book reviews for the Utica Times, one per month, and earns a bit of pocket money with it.
  • 2013: Change to Haram Girls' Academy, becomes part of the Tribute, Music Section (Oud).
  • 2014: Joins the Rider Squadron's Reserves as a Mounted Falconer.
  • 2015: Leaves the Tribute as a better Oud-player replaces her, dedicates her free time to Mounted Falconry. Gets to know her best friend Alaya bint-al-Chandshar, who leads the dogs.
  • 2017: Becomes an Active Lieutenant of the Rider Squadrons, participates in several cups along the way.
  • 2019: Knocked unconscious during 2019 Al'Arz Terrorist Attack, shortly after graduation (overshadowing it). Unclear when she will begin her Service and where. She was diagnosed with a light case of traumatic brain injury and spent the summer of 2019 recovering. She is expected to make a full recovery. Her sister Fara sent Kalak to her side in order to keep her company when she can't.


Fadia is an avid falconer, owning a Small Kyrenaian Falcon named Junah (Wing), who she raised from a small chick herself. While she owns a yacht, the Zaenifa, she is not much into sailing herself.

Personal Relations

Her family



When she graduated in 2019, she took care of him being sent home with her.

Prince Karim ibn-Fadi

Fadia is well aware of her older sister trying to play matchmaker between her and the Prince of the Ilkhanate of Fenchu, but while she, at first, humoured her and him, she began to feel for the poet and dreamer. She began to like, then to love him.

After the 2019 Al'Arz Terrorist Attack, he accompanied her recuperation best as he could, she noting that and her feelings growing stronger for him.

Other Princes and Princesses

Daria Lahith

Close friends, same dorm


Underwent slight retcon on 24th of Septembre 2017, making her seven years younger.

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