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Princess Fara bint-Dardan is the second child of Ilkhan Dardan of Megido and his wife Aynur, Ilkhana of Megido, younger sister to Okan ibn-Dardan, the chronically ill Prince of Megido. Due to this, it has been often assumed, that either Fara or her younger sister Fadia would inherit the Ilkhanate of Megido, but those are just assumptions. If such plans exist or not is not known.

She also owns a pet, a Kyrenaian Caracal named Kalak, and a yacht by the name of Nasim. She was named after a Khana of Las, her Mother's Grandmother Khana Fara bint-Fadia.


Early Life and Education

Born in 1991 as daughter of Dardan, Ilkhan of Megido and Aynur, Ilkhana of Megido, Fara was a child of their love, showered in it as well. Being their second child, after Okan (vintage 1987), she had a lot of hopes resting on her. Her parents were overjoyed when Fara was healthy. When in 2000 her little sister Fadia was born, Fara became a Big Sister herself, a role, in which she feels comfortable. When she was little, her Father gifted her a large, stuffed falcon, a gigantic beast, which still graces her bedside table in Megido.

Fara's education began in 1997 with attending Elementary School and, 2005, she began her studies at the HGA in Utica. She had good grades except in foreign languages. While she is good at speaking English and German, in addition to Kyrenaian, her mothertongue, she simply does not have a talent for it. What she has a talent for is sciences, especially physics. She once said in an interview, that if she wasn't a Princess, she could see herself as a physicist. There, she became part of the Academy's Swimmer Team (in her final year, she was even the Captain) and part of the Academy's Rider Squadron (although there 'only in reserve' during her final year, focusing her energies onto the Swimming Team).

Her summer holidays were spent at home, in Megido, where she could swim in Lake Tahul and take the odd tour to the coast and further out on motor and sailing boats. The latter brought her into contact with Prince Damir ibn-Razia, one of Sultana Razia's sons, and later his daughter Princess Aurelia, the two first meeting in 2013. Aurelia later joined the Swimmer Team's Reserve, herself being an instructor in the Rider Squadron. As a young woman in puberty, Fara crushed heavily on Damir, but she got over it.

With 19, in 2010, she graduated and began her studies of war as she joined the Armies of the Five Deserts as a soldier for four years, serving as a Sergeant with the Megido Desert Division's 7th Mechanized Brigade, where she led a troop. For her twentieth birthday in 2011, an old farmer living near the barracks, gifted her Kalak, at the time still small, who was raised by her. He also became a sort-of mascot for her platoon, soon.

University Student and Princess

Upon her honourable discharge, and becoming reservist of the Armies of the Five Deserts, she began her university studies at the University of Megido, studying Politics since 2014. In the same year, she received her new Personal Handmaiden, Saida Adib. She made her Bachelor's Degree in 2017. Around 2015, she became the target of a crush of Prince Karim ibn-Fadi, who she let down gently, but soon, a friendship developed between the two, surpassing the crush - she still reads the poems of Karim Risha.

In 2019, she made a vacation to the 2019 Festival of Holy Light.

Princess and Diplomat

In February of 2020, she went on a State Visit to Astares Amauricanum with Prince Damir ibn-Razia and her boyfriend Abbas Shabaaltay.


Fara is a graceful young woman, fan of a sharp and black-humoured wit (which she has to regularly bite back) and confident in herself, her abilities and her intelligence. Dedicated to her duties, studies and sports, she has little time for a boyfriend.

She loves her siblings and parents very much and does the same with Kalak.

Although Fara is very well aware of her looks, she hates being reduced to that or her title - that was, why she liked Karim so much. The young man saw her, not her looks, not her title, and was thus let down gently. Many other suitors were not so lucky.

Her favourite colour is dark blue, her favourite food is Tabbouleh.

Personal Relations

Abbas Shabaaltay

Starting 2017, the military aviator was used as her Neutral Date whenever such a thing was required and he was nearby. Both didn't really think much about it, becoming friends.

As the two broke up in the summer of 2019, though, Abbas became her shoulder to cry on and soon, their relationship became firmer.

Her family

Her relationship with her aunt Dilara is usually characterized as "weird" by either of them, mostly due to the two sharing almost no interest.


Kalak, gifted to Fara by a farmer, was raised by her like her own, much to her own joy - he shares many attributes and much character with her, including their grace and intelligence. He often sleeps within her bed, although he is technically not allowed to, and she misses him, when he isn't there.

Saida Adib

Prince Karim ibn-Fadi

In a surprise twist of fate, when she was in her twenties, she found out, how Prince Damir had felt with her crush on him, as Prince Karim developed a crush on her. She, according to advice given to her (by the Sultana, not her son, who was surprisingly unhelpful), she let him down gently, but he still left with a hurting heart, sinking his mind into poetry for the summer holidays of that year...

...and as he laid the results of that summer's work at her feet, she understood his crush and soon, the two of them became close friends. She is actually one of the few beautiful women he can talk to without becoming a stuttering wreck (although he is still 'adorkable' according to her). She knows, that there are traces of his crush, but she won't call him out on it.

She gives him the recognition and attention he needs to survive and a bit more then that, and she likes to do that as well, as she sees him as a sort-of little brother (and she tried to get him together with her little sister Fadia).

Princess Aurelia bint-Damir and Prince Damir ibn-Razia

With Aurelia and Damir, she shares a heartfelt friendship and love for the Seas. 

Abbas Lahia

To Fara, the old friend of her father is a sort-of Uncle,