Princess Macha was the daughter of High King Lugh the Seafarer, one of the more illustrious High Kings of the Selkie, who ruled from 76 BCE to 30 BCE. Princess Macha is mostly known due to her beauty, quite a few songs are sung about that, her sharp tongue and her mind, which secured the position of her father in troubled times between 49 BCE to 45 BCE.


Born as sixth of nine children of High King Lugh the Seafarer and High Queen Aeoifa of Teanga, Macha had to compete for her place with her siblings, especially with Prince Nuada and with Princess Tailtiu, who took the position of a mother in place of Aeoifa, as she died in 64 BCE (Macha was of Six Springs at the time).

The Ancient Gathering

In 50 BCE, High King Lugh sent Princess Macha on a mission to the King of Doravan in what is today Kuruva, what is nowadays known by the title given to the traveling report by the accompanying scribe, Sírlám the Scribe: The Gathering of Ancient Times, or the Ancient Gathering, which was not the original title (said original title is lost nowadays).

49 BCE:


Macha was known for her sharp tongue and mind, as well as her skills as a diplomat, but also for her temper, which, once it flared up, could hardly be contained. Her mind burned with a cold fury in such cases,

She often worked as the sign for a local King or Queen, that her father was displeased with him or her, one step beneath Prince Nuada and military intervention. While she was known as a good archer, she was not a trained soldier.

Personal Relations

Sírlám the Scribe

Prince Nuada

The Spiorad Ainmhithe

Macha was known as a person, who liked the Spiorad Ainmhithe,

Her Handmaidens

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