Princess Rasha bint-Razia is the second, middle child of Razia Sultana Umm Albilad, younger sister to Crown Prince Ilia ibn-Razia and older sister to Prince Damir ibn-Razia. She is the current Lady-Commander of the The Armies of the Five Deserts, having been trained as a tank-officer, and ranked Major General.

She owns a Sand Wolf Plushie by the name of Zaghab, who was gifted to her by her Father.


Princess Rasha bint-Razia was born in 1980 in Utica, daughter to Razia-Sultana and her husband, Dschafar-Sultan, who died when she was five years old in 1985.

What few memories she has of her father are of a loving man. There was actually a time, when she envied her elder brother to having got to know their father for such a long time as he did, while she did not.

She attended school starting 1986, elementary school, then joined the Haram Girls' Academy in 1993. Her educational career was especially remarkable when it came to mathematics and science. Despite her remarkable beauty, she was not chosen as a part of the Tribute by her older brother, which she did not hold against him. At the HGA, Rasha was part of the Literature Club.

After her graduation in 1999, Rasha did her Service for two years with the Armies of the Five Deserts, with the Armoured Forces, being trained as the driver of an Alsuyuf III Main Battle Tank. She loved it, deciding in 2001 to join the Army as an officer.

She completed her officer training in 2004, serving as a Lieutenant, later Captain in the 1st Armoured Brigade. In 2010, as a Major, she was placed in command of a Tank Battalion with the 5th Armoured Brigade.

Promoted to Lieutenant Colonel in 2012, she was transferred to command the Tank Battalion of the 2nd Mechanized Brigade, being promoted to Colonel in 2014. In 2016, she attended the General Staff Course, which she finished in January 2017, being promoted to Brigadier and made Lady-Commander by the Sultana, following ancient tradition.

In 2019, she was promoted to Major General. Shortly after, she attended the courtship ceremony for Crown Prince Ivan of the Frozen Forest, albeit without success.


Rasha is a silent workhorse, steady and, when under pressure, creative. To her family, she is the ideal listener as she listens to the troubles of her siblings and her niece, and also knows advice in a lot of situations. As a commanding officer, she is unforgiving of any mistake made by her subordinates.

Her main interests are fast land vehicles and large machienery, but also literature. She owns several motorcycles, including of foreign manufacturers, including a Gabha G 20. She is, in fact, a lover of all machines fast and/or heavy, especially tanks.

Rasha also has a bit of a sweet tooth and loves canines in any way, shape and form - she hates cats, braggarts and lazy people.

While Rasha did fancy a few people in the past, she is currently single.

Personal Relations

Crown Prince Ilia ibn-Razia

Rasha got over her jealousy of her brother for having met their father for a longer time then her by the time she hit her second digits, but there was always a certain competition between the siblings. The rivalry still goes strong and has, sometimes, unhealthy proportions. However, their sibling-rivalry stays out of their occupations as Lady-Commander and Lord-Commander, respectively, mainly due to their interservice rivalry overtaking that.

In her heart of hearts, however, Rasha deeply loves her older brother.

Prince Damir ibn-Razia

Rasha has a healthy relationship to her younger brother, but the main problem the two have is, that their interests are completely different, as Rasha has no interest in art and sailing, while Damir has little interest in fast land vehicles and heavy machienery.

Princess Aurelia bint-Damir

Rasha and her niece share their love for fast land vehicles, both of them having fun with their application, and although Rasha prefers gasoline-driven ones to oat-driven ones, the two of them love to spent time together. Sadly, due to Rasha's busy job as Lady-Commander, the two of them can't spent too much time together, but when they do, they love it. Rasha is also Aurelia's only female reference person during puberty, which gave the relationship between Aunt and Niece a different spin and connotation.

Khan Adil ibn-Amir

With Khan Adil, Rasha has a close relationship. He was her commanding Leftenant during her Service with the 1st Armoured Brigade, inspiring her to volunteer herself for the Armoured Forces. For a while, as a girl, she crushed on him, but that blew over with puberty. He knows of that.

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