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Princess Razia bint-Ilia is a Princess of the Khanate of Susa and student of Agronomy at the University of Akkad.

Razia is the granddaughter of Khan Damir ibn-Tarek (the Khan of Susa and brother of Razia-Sultana) and the reigning Khana of Susa, Khana Fara bint-Yasmin, as well as second daughter of Prince Ilia ibn-Fara (their eldest son) and Princess Soraya bint-Walid. She has an older sister in Princess Dschamilla bint-Ilia and a younger brother in Prince Okan ibn-Ilia.


Early Years (1999-2021)

Studies (2021-)


Personal Relations

Princess Aurelia bint-Damir

Razia and Aurelia are related by the ways of Razia's Grandfather and Aurelia's Grandmother being siblings,

Prince Elian ibn-Sarah

Her Mother

Her older sister and younger brother