Princess Yasmin bint-Atif is the currently reigning Princess-Regent of the Khanate of Tanin, north of Utica. She aborted her studies in Geology to reign in the stead of her father, Khan Atif ibn-Faisal, who was incapacitated due to a stroke.

On the 14th of Octobre, 2019 the Palace of the Azure Hall announced the engagement of hers and Prince Damir ibn-Razia. The wedding is planned for February 2020.


- only-child, mother alive,

- graduated the HGA in 2013

- 2013-2015: Service with the 1st Armoured Brigade

- 2015-2017: Studies of Geology at the University of Megido

- 2017: Khan Atif ibn-Faisal has a stroke, incapacitated, Yasmin is announced as Princess-Regent, supposed to inherit the Khanate, aborted studies

- 2019: Announced engagement

- 2020: Marriage to Prince Damir ibn-Razia. It is, as of now, unknown, who will take up the duties as Regent.


Personal Relations

Prince Damir ibn-Razia

Princess Aurelia bint-Damir

Seven years separate Princess Aurelia, vintage 2001, and Princess Yasmin, vintage 1994, yet worlds separate them: Both women come from literally different worlds,

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