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The Project 1st Century BCE is a planned series of roleplays taking place in the First Century BCE (1st century before current era, for real world comparison, see Wikipedia), or between 100 BCE and 1 BCE.

This page serves as a hub page for characters, articles and other such things belonging to this project. It will be mostly a project concerning the Selkie.

Specific Roleplays

  • War of the Cosántarraighi (95 BCE - 86 BCE).
  • The War of Succession (30 BCE - 25 BCE), the war of succession following the death of High King Lugh the Seafarer.

Articles about the Selkie in those times


Spiorad Ainmhithe





  • High Kingdom of Mountain and Forest.
  • High Kingdom of Lake Mór.

Places of significance

  • Fort Stone, the Seat of the High King
  • Shella Island, subjugated by Prince Nuada in 55 BCE.