Raidri Leathchúpla of the Tribe of Navan is a pilot and Jet Racer from the Free Lands. He achieved 7th place during NASJAR 1.

Raidri has three younger sisters, the twins Patricia and Nora, as well as Felicia Leathchúpla of the Tribe of Navan. He is the boyfriend of Kiah Irisleabhar of the Tribe of Waterford.


Raidri was still a baby, when he was born as the oldest of four children, the other three being sisters and models and actresses, he was left to pursue the family-business, the Leathchupla Airlines, a small airline with a few planes, mostly small passenger planes - not that he minded, though.

From early childhood on, he spent much of his free time on planes and near planes on the airfield near Riverwood, where the main base of operations for his family's business was, learning about them and their intricacies. When he was old enough to make his flight license for powered aircraft, it was basically a formality. But he wasn't satisfied with just the small passenger haulers his family's business had - he wanted bigger, further, faster.

The SDF didn't want him, which was returned in kind, but he still wasn't satisfied, which was why he turned to air racing as soon as someone suggested it. He cut impressive figures into the sky, first with propeller aircraft, then with jets, even managing to get licenses for the Fabhcun, the Seachmall and the Gaoth, jet aircraft formerly in services of the SDF, as well as the Vampire.

What began as a hobby slowly turned into an obsession, much to the worries of his parents, who he works for - technically. Wouldn't it be for him having his plane in company colours and being good at it (thus generating positive marketing), they would have fired him long ago... their main hope is, that he may find a racer one day, who slows him down, reminds him of the fact, that there are important things on the ground as well... preferably a female racer, for they want their grandkids one of these days.

In 2018, during NASJAR 1, he got to know Kiah Irisleabhar of the Tribe of Waterford closer and became her boyfriend. They continued their relationship over the course of NASJAR 2 and beyond, Kiah becomiong the racer, who would stabilize him.


Raidri is an arrogant man, overly self-confident in his abilities as a pilot and older brother. And he is a very good air racer and pilot, though he should not be let near any sort of ground vehicle or horse.

Blows to this self-confidence mostly result in in him blaming himself, not outside circumstances, and requires rebuilding.

Personal Relations

Kiah Irisleabhar of the Tribe of Waterford

His girlfriend.

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