Rasha Qadir is a soldier and sailor of the Sultan's Navy and Aide-de-Camp of Crown Prince Ilia ibn-Razia. She is the only constant member of his staff, even aboard RKN Nazir.


Born in 1991, Rasha always wanted to go to sea, inspired by the great tales of seafaring and the boredom of her hometown. She did not try for one of the Old Academies, but that didn't detract her.

After her graduation in 2010, she made her Service with the Navy and making it a career in 2011. She was trained as a loadmaster on the Navy's KAF-139 Baghl, conducting COD-Operations and, during one operation, getting to know Crown Prince Ilia during one delivery operation. It proved to be critical, as she performed well and good and the


Rasha has an uncanny liking for popsicles.

Personal Relations

Crown Prince Ilia ibn-Razia

Princess Aurelia bint-Damir

Rasha and the niece of her commanding officer have an interesting relationship.

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