Razia Sultana Umm Albilad, born as Razia bint-Tarek, is the currently reigning Sultana of Kyrenaia and Ilkhana of Utica. She is mother to Crown Prince Ilia ibn-Razia, Princess Rasha bint-Razia and Prince Damir ibn-Razia.


- 1969-1971: auxiliary nurse during the Uprisings in Tashih.

- Followed on her father, Ilkhan Tarek XII., in 1971. Mother: Tariqa bint-Ilia.

- Ascended to the Sultan's throne 1972, following Kian-Sultan (Ilkhan of Sarepta). First priority: Rebuilding of what was left after the Decolonization Wars (1923-1965), slashed the Naval Budget for that (starting 1973).

- Married in 1975.

- Widowed in 1985, Sultan Dschafar died after a long illness (1st of August).

- Got herself a Smaller Kyrenaian Caracal in August 2018, calling him Mushrif (Keeper of the Kitchens, an old courtly title).

Seats, yachts and flagships

- Palace of the Azure Hall, Main Seat, Utica.

- Baed Palace, Summer and Vacation Seat near Oea.

- Kyrenaian Guided Missile Cruiser RKN Hikma (flagship during fleet reviews).

- Yacht Rashiq, favourite yacht.


- loves Swing and Jazz.

- old and wise, but also playful, stands on ceremony

- often described as an old Dreadnought Battleship when it comes to her opinions, stounchly against homosexual relations until convinced of the love in them

- has needs and satisfies them with the finest stallions in Kyrenaia (open secret, TBA)

Personal Relations

Lady Fara

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