Razia Wasima is a Kyrenaian Musician, particularly of the Hot Metal Genre. She sings, a lyric contralto, and plays Electric Guitar.


Born in Arsuf, Ilkhanate of Fenchu, Razia always had one dream: Becoming a musician. And after she witnessed Damir Alharu, the most famous Hot Metal Musician of her time, in person in 2005, she knew, which genre she would take: Hot Metal. After graduation in 2009, Razia did her Service with the Armoured Engineer Battalion of the 74th Armoured Brigade. In 2011, after that was done, she began her studies at the Music School of Ruspina, where she also began to collect practical experience. Her first gigs were small, local affairs, where her voice spoke for her.

Razia's breakthrough was in 2012, when she ascended from a small-scale local musician to a Kyrenaian Mainstream Musician almost by accident. She was featured on the Documentary Channel, in a documentary about the development of a song and apparently, the documentary was well-received. She quickly became a household name in the Kyrenaian Musical Scene.

Her first Kyrenaian-wide release, the 2013-Album Love is Free, scored in the top ten album charts of the first release week (spot ten). From then on, it went upwards, 

In 2014, Razia got to know Prince Damir ibn-Razia

In February of 2020, she went on a State Visit to Astares Amauricanum as the date of Prince Elian ibn-Sarah.




Wasima is a very headstrong and confident woman, her smirk

Aside from that, she is a very charitable person, especially when it is about children and music. She frequently makes music at fundraiser concerts and sings with other artists for charitable purposes, even outside of her genre.


A song must speak to you personally, must touch your heart and soul. Not only yours, the listener's, but also mine, the musician's. Otherwise, it's just noise.
Wasima, in an interview in 2018.

Personal Relations

Prince Elian ibn-Sarah

Razia loves Elian.

With Elian's sister Alya, Razia has a friendship, mostly defined by their shared love for music. The two sang together a few times for charities. His Handmaiden, Fadwa Madan, gives her the creeps, but the two are on nice terms.

Prince Damir ibn-Razia

Razia is close friends with Prince Damir since 2015 and has attended a few social functions with him when Aurelia was not available. She likes him, but she doesn't like him. Rumours of an affair between them are usually not commented upon. She owes him the acquaintance of her boyfriend, though, of Prince Elian ibn-Sarah, a fellow musician and dancer.

While Razia knows Aurelia, and the two of them are on good terms and are friends.


Halu covered a song of Wasima once for a charity concert, with Wasima covering one of theirs in return for another charity concert. Both make clear, however, that they are rivals on a professional level.

Mahmut Sadma

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