Red-White Eagle

A Red-White Eagle in the Silver Mountains.

The Red-White Eagle, also known as the High King of the Skies, in Selkie Spardrí, is an avian predator endemic to the Free Lands.

The Red-White Eagle is the heraldic animal of the Cult of Carman Fea, as well as an often-used symbol for freedom and strength, often seen on fighters and helicopters of the SDF as Nose Art. Its feathers, especially from the tail, are much sought-after gifts to young women, who chose the path of Carman Fea, usually worn in the hair with the Geansai.


With his shining red feathers and the large wings he is a glider more then anything else. His long feathers, 'harvested' by raiding their nests, stabilize the arrows of archers to this day and make them hit their targets with utmost accuracy.

The Red-White Eagle is found all over the Free Lands, but mostly within the Great Woods, where they roost in the highest trees and look for everything up to small birds and rabbits as a prey.



Notable Specimens

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