The Regiment of SDF-Navy Troopers, also calling themselves Mona's Boys, is the marine and naval infantry arm of the SDF-Navy. Trained heavy infantry for naval landings, object protection and other tasks, the Regiment is one of the elite units of the SDF. Their aviation capabilities are provided by the Naval Aviation Command, their equipment is mostly identical to the equipment of the SDF-Army.

Their mission is to protect shore installations and vessels of the Navy, . Commanding Officer of the Regiment is Captain Bran Muirí of the Tribe of Wicklow.


Mona's Boys

Their self-given nickname of 'Mona's Boys' stems from their connection to Mona Beag of the Tribe of Louth, the Envoy of Lodan Lir. The Regiment adopted her as their mascot in 2013.


Staff, Regiment of Naval Troopers

I. Squadron - Object Protection Naval Station Wembury

II. Squadron - Object Protection II

Object Protection Detachment Naval Station Leuda
Object Protection Detachment Naval Station Traverse
Object Protection Detachment Naval Station Scilly
Object Protection Detachment Naval Station Tipa

III. Squadron - Training Squadron

IV. Squadron - Trooper-Detachment SDFS Sealgaire

V. Squadron - Trooper-Detachment SDFS Maor

VI. Squadron - Mobile Amphibious Squadron

VII. Squadron - Onboard Detachments

VII. Squadron is less of a coherent unit and more of an administrative unit, having administrative powers over all the onboard detachments of SDF-Navy Troopers on the many different vessels, for example on the Fiagai-class Patrol Boats. Actual Command Authority is handled by the Captain of the vessel they are stationed on.

Famous Troopers

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