Rena, Prinzessin von Wißenthen is the oldest daughter of Ada von Wißenthen and older sister to Sunna, Prinzessin von Wißenthen. She is studying Horse Medicine at the University of Wißenthen and is worker on the house-own stud-farm, as well as an equestrian sportswoman. As one of the very few foreigners, Rena is a member of the Marcach-Guild of Redruth.

She is also designated heir to the Herzogtum Wißenthenland.


She attended the 2019 Ball at Schloss Zyng with her Mother and her sister and got to dance with Prince Raik, something, which was arranged by Maria van Riviendorp, Princess of Rivienland. The two danced the Kyrenaian Polka together.

Later that year, Rena traveled to Launceston to participate both in the Harvest Festival there and to fight for the Adharc Cup. Nela accompanied her.


Rena is a confident and brash young woman, who knows, what she wants and how she gets it - except for the guy she likes, Raik, Prinz von Bucktend. She loves horses and riding,

Personal Relations

Sunna, Prinzessin von Wißenthen

Nela, Prinzessin von Zieselhaven und Elms

Raik, Prinz von Bucktend

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