Rhiannon's Beast

Actress Iouna Spól of the Tribe of Fermanagh in her role as Gwen Beapa of Monaghan's Descent, in the movie Áed's Muster.

Rhiannon's Beasts, a.k.a. Ollphéystó Rhiannon in Selkie, were a distinctive type of troop during the Dark Ages, the Heavy Cavalry to the Medium and Light Cavalry that were the Marcach. The Beasts were the part of The Lancemaidens of Rhiannon.

They were known for their ferocity and bloodthirst in battle.


- founded in 829


The Beasts used the same weapons and equipment as the Marcach, with the addition of barding. It was also tradition to equip the Bit of the bridle with long bronze teeth at the sides, making it appear as if the horse had teeth as an intimidation tactic. It worked, to some extend.

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