Displacement: 1,065 tonnes (standard)

Length: 85.64 m

Beam: 11.88 m

Draft: 3.45 m

Propulsion: CODOG, 2 V12 diesel engines, 1 gas turbine

Speed: 20 knots (37 km/h, with diesel engines only), 33 knots (61 km/h with gas turbine only)

Range: 7,500 nautical miles (12,038 km)

Complement: 64 officers and crewmen, 10 aircrew

Sensors and processing systems: 3x fire-control radars, hull-mounted sonar, towed sonar array, 2x air/surface search radars

Electronic warfare and decoys: decoy buoys, chaff rocket launchers, ELINT, EP and ESM Suites

Armament: 16x surface-to-air missiles, 8x anti-ship missiles, 2x 30 mm CIWS, 6 torpedo tubes, 2x 120mm dual purpose main guns, 2 rails for mines and depth charges

Aircraft carried: 1 Fuisce utility helicopter, can support one more

Aviation facilities: Helipad and helicopter hangar

The Rhiannon-class Frigate is the multi-purpose frigate of the SDF-Navy, continuing the tradition of this old name within the Free Lands, a strong and relatively agile defender of slower targets. By the end of their careers, they were a bit aged, but still a threat to eventual attackers. They replaced the Rhiannon-class Light Cruisers.

The SDF-Navy replaced these frigates with the Rhiannon-II-class of SDY, starting 2017.

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