Ribín Réamhaibí of the Tribe of Antrim is a student of the Foirnéis Middle School of Áitadagantiarann and active in social media. She drives a Gabha Motorworks G 18 A, vintage 1995.


Ribín is the daughter of a steelworker at Ironcastle Ironworks Limited and his wife, Ava, who is an avid grower of flowers. At several points in time, Ribín got to wear flowers of hers in her hair. Ribín has two siblings, an older brother (Ronan) and a younger sister (Mhairi).

Ribín first sat on a motorcycle in 2017, on Morgane's, and since then knew, that she wanted to 

She was apprehended for the first time in 2018, after being involved in a brawl with a few other people. Her parents bailed her out and while her mother openly showed outright disapproval, her father asked for the reasons and how the other participants got off. Her reply, that she defended a girl from a few molesters and that they were now hospitalized, without her drawing her daggers, satisfied him - not her mother. While she was grounded, her father bragged about her at work for the next few months.

Her grades are generally mediocre, but she does have a knack for languages. If she puts her mind to it, she can achieve very good grades in these subjects. Upon entrance into High School, Ribín plans to become a Pikegirl. After graduation from there, she has no idea as to what she wants to do as of now.

In late 2019, she and her friend Morgane joined Bicíní Industries as models, taking part in the Archipelago Shooting of that year and in the Aftershow Party.


Ribín Réamhaibí of the Tribe of Antrim

On her G 18 A.

Despite her gruff exterior, Ribín has a well-developed sense of justice, standing up for those, who can not stand up for themselves. That got her at odds with the law several times,

She has been called "surprisingly girly" at a number of instances and likes both dresses and flowers, especially the ones her mother grows. Although she has no telent for it herself, she admires them.

Ribín is a fan of Selkie Hard Rock, and especially Leannáin and Móinéar, as well as an avid motorcyclist, despite her age (or lack thereof). She wears her pendant, a Schwarzes Kreuz, which her father mail-ordered for her from Teressien, like a badge, a sacred relic to her.

She watches Marla and sees Corrán and Marla as her OTP.

Personal Relations

Rona Urgharda of the Tribe of Fermanagh

Morgane Ceoltóir of the Tribe of Tralee

Ribin and Morgane

Ribin with her best friend Morgane Ceoltóir of the Tribe of Tralee.

Ribín and Morgane got to know by the way of her older brother Ronan, who is Morgane's classmate since 2017. Ribín quickly took a shine to the brash and steadfast young woman, coming to see her as the Big Sister she never knew she wanted. Her parents let them, although they were understandably worried, when Morgane introduced 

Caoimhe Barriall of the Tribe of Monaghan

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