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Rieka, Waldburgfrau von Lattenzaun is a Teressian Businesswoman from the Herzogtum Wißenthenland. Her main avenues of business are Forestry and Woodcutting. She is also of Teressian Nobility, namely the Waldburgfrau von Lattenzaun.

Rieka has three sons, Wehrhart, Waldburgmann zu Lattenzaun, Eyk, Waldburgmann zu Lattenzaun and Norvid, Waldburgmann zu Lattenzaun. Their father is Convoicef/Rear Admiral Dagomar, Waldburgmann von Lattenzaun.


Rieka was born in 1975 in Lattenzaun as daughter of .


Rieka is a follower of the Cult of the Tree of Life.

Personal Relations


Rieka has a good relationship to the Findehoof-Family, especially thanks to her husband, and would love to marry off one of her sons to one of Admniral Findehoof's granddaughters. While she acknowledges, that Ida and Enya are already taken, her hopes rest on Kiah.

Thanks to her good relationship with Enya, however, she also has a good wire to Fürst Alrich III..

Ada von Wißenthen

Rena and Sunna

Mina, Burggräfin von Fuchsbau

Rieka and Mina not only share a good relationship, the two are actually cousins - a fact many people are surprised by, given their different appearances. The two are related by the ways of their fathers, who are brothers. However, Mina is considerably younger.