The Rocket Barrage Anti-Aircraft System was a system developed by the SDF in the early 30s, utilizing 76mm rockets with cordite propulsion. They were almost exclusively used aboard vessels of the Navy and in stationary AA-Batteries.



Versions of the launcher

  • Mark 0: Initial prototypes, six rockets on a rack, not very effective
  • Mark I: Improved reloadability and stability
  • Mark II: 36 rockets per launcher capable of being fired in salvoes, alone or all at once (either literally, which was not recommended, or in a ripple firing sequence
  • Mark III: 48 rockets per launcher
  • Mark IV: Land-Attack Version (prototype)
  • Mark V: Version for guided rockets, unsuccessful prototype


  • Rocket, 76mm, PF: Proximity Fuze.
  • Rocket, 76mm, VTF: Variable Time Fuze, similar to the VT-shells used by SDF-Navy vessels.
  • Rocket, 76mm, Cable: The rocket shot up a cable, which's head was on a parachute, several hundred to thousand metres into the air (depending on the angle), where they would float down and be a temporary barrier for aircraft
  • Rocket, 76mm, Aircraft: Rocket used by aircraft in an attack role on trains, buildings, tanks, ships and everything else


  • OOC: Based on the Z Battery of British WW2-Fame.
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