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The Royal Kyrenaian Coast Guard, or RKCG for short, is one of the police forces of the Sultanate of Kyrenaia. They are responsible for security in harbours and along the coasts, as well as 


In 1955, the Coast Guard split off from the Navy in order to have a separate policing authority against smuggling and to provide search and rescue services to vessels in need. As this was in the middle of the Decolonization Wars, there was never enough equipment and

Command and Organization

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Rasha Ghym and Karim Maghamir, the Kyrenaian Pilots in NASJAR 2, in Coast Guard Service Uniform.

Most officers of the RKCG

Rank and Rank Structure



Beach Footvolley

When the RKCG separated from the Navy, it kept a few of the traditions, amongst them Footvolley.