The Rusadir Steelworks RS-16 135mm Gun was a heavy gun used by The Sultan's Navy as a Dual-Purpose Gun and by The Armies of the Five Deserts as a heavy anti-aircraft and artillery gun. She was inspired by the Gabha G-91 135mm Gun, which, in turn, was inspired by the Rusadir Steelworks RS-10 135mm Gun. After Alqatat Gunsmiths Limited took over Rusadir Steelworks in 1932, the production continued as RS-16.

The RS-16 and its derivatives are in service until today, with always changing roles, both with Army and Navy, as well as with several countries they were sold to. Starting in the 50s, they were replaced by the Alqatat Gunsmiths 152mm Gun.



Turrets and Mounts

RS-19 Turret

The RS-19 Turret is a mount with two RS-16 135mm guns, usually employed as dual-purpose guns on capital ships and light cruisers, as well as larger destroyers.

Mounted on a base-ring stand, powered hoists for the shells, powered drives to elevate and train the guns, sights for aiming and radiotelephony between gun crew and fire control centre. RS-19 Turrets were rarely used in coastal artillery installations and never as AA-gun turrets.


In Of Ships and Kanmusu, the Town-class Destroyer RKN Kadesh uses these guns as her main artillery, taking the form of a bow and arrows.

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