The SDF-Navy is the Naval Arm of the Strategic Defence Force, blah. Their civilian counterpart are the Water Polices.


Introduction: Selkie and Water

Foundation of the Navy

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When the Navy was founded in 1920, it was a collection of small ships of all cities and towns across the Free Lands. It was analogous to the establishment of the Army, albeit the navies were more disciplined and smaller to begin with. With three dozen torpedo boats, a few corvettes, frigates and two destroyers, nearly all of them of different make and all of them outdated, the Elder Council decided, that a Navy Rearmament Program was in Order.

Cruised Times

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In 1922, the Elder Council laid down the Naval Armament Program, designed to built a strong naval force to defend the Free Lands against fleets several times their size.

Centrepiece were the six light cruisers of the first Rhiannon-class, which would go on to serve up until 1996, after several upgrades, together with dozens of fast attack craft, sloops, mine warfare vessels and other support and auxilliary vessels. The plan to built three heavy cruisers, known as the Maighdean-class Cruiser Proposal, were abandoned in favour of the Cailleach-class Light Cruisers.

The former vessels of the Water Polices, having been requisitioned by the Navy to at least have something, were handed back.

New times, New threats, New Navy

- Operation Spriocearcaitheoir

- Structure of the SDF-Navy in 1942

The Second Vellenge War

New times, new technologies, new Navy

Battle of Marley Bay


With the signing of the COSTAL-Accords, the SDF-Navy had to undertake

Names of High Renown

  • SDFS Miúil:
  • SDFS Ámóg: SDFS Ámóg, lovingly called Amy or Mommy Amy by her crews, was one of the first vessels of the young SDF-Navy, a Leaba-class Destroyer Tender. Current Holder is a Gabhdán-class Fast Combat Replenishment Ship.
  • SDFS Rímharú: The Tyrannicide was originally the name of a pirate vessel, that came to the Spring Festival of 1718 in Leuda, bringing back displaced and enslaved Selkie - for the first time, the Selkie were visibly at the receiving end of slavery, the tales of those unfortunate individuals soon spreading over the Lands of the Selkie and making the Selkie rethink their positions on slavery - before, the Selkie-Mercenaries hired out to foreign powers did such jobs with gusto, as they were well paid and easy. Rímharú, the Selkie-Term for Tyrannicide, soon became a name of high renown, used for a sloop of the Miodog-class (one of Abhcan's Little Daggers), several smaller vessels under private ownership and was planned for the third unit of the Sealgaire-class, but with its cancellation, it is free again.
  • The Gods: The SDF-Navy names important vessels after the Gods and Goddesses of the Pantheon. Current holders of these names are the six Rhiannon-II-class Frigates.


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  • Seaman
  • Leading Seaman
  • Operative Seaman


  • Sailor
  • Able Sailor
  • Chief Sailor


  • Ensign: Students of the Officer Training Course at the Naval School.
  • Lieutenant
  • Lieutenant Commander
  • Commander
  • Captain


  • Commodore
  • Vice Admiral
  • Admiral
  • Admiral of the Free Lands


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