SDFS Carman Fea, named in honour of the Goddess of War, was the second of the almost legendary six Rhiannon-class Light Cruisers, the first larger vessels built in the Free Lands for the SDF-Navy.

Carman Fea served in many roles, although her elder sister's long active service history was not paralleled by her, being decomissioned in 1971 after a fire ravaged the vessel. Used as a living hulk, renamed the Diaganta Inn, until 1993, she was finally allowed to rest.

She belonged to the Female Group or Rhiannon-Subclass.


First Service Time (1928-1945)

Second Service Time (1946-1971)

Hulk Diaganta Inn

Down the Rabbit Hole

SDFS Carman Fea

SDFS Carman Fea, as she appears in Down the Rabbit Hole.

In the KanColle-RP Down the Rabbit Hole, Carman Fea makes an appearance. She is described as:
  • In many ways, Rhiannon and Carman Fea are polar opposites: Where Rhiannon is laid-back and relaxed, Carman Fea is a strict and strong woman, where Rhiannon gets bored with too much paperwork, Carman Fea pushes through like its no-one's business (it doesn't excite her, though). Seeing her smile is a rarity, usually encountered when she can play her fiddle (she's a very good fiddler, but not much of a dancer). Where both sisters are similar, though, is, that they are both fierce and strong fighters, but while Rhiannon sees fighting as a necessary evil, Carman Fea revels in it.
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