SDFS F-16 Siorc is a Diesel-Electric Attack Submarine of the SDF-Navy. Built by SDY, she is the first vessel of the Siorc-class Diesel Electric Submarines. Current commander is Captain Alaina Tumadóir of the Tribe of Wicklow, who also commands the 1st Submarine Squadron, which is homeported in Tipa.


The crew was assembled in 2016 and placed under Captain Tumadóir's command, who began with them the Yard Introduction Course as offered by SDY and additionally trained with them with the help the RKN, which even allowed them the limited usage of a Type 130 Diesel-Electric Submarine for their training. Upon launch in 2017, their training still lacked experience with their actual boat, which they addressed in the following two years, until commissioning in 2019.

In 2018, SDFS F-16 Siorc aided in the shooting of the film to the Novel Abhcan's Little Daggers by firing practice torpedoes at convois, playing an attacking submarine.


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