SDFS Faoileán was a seaplane tender of the SDF-Navy in service from to 1955. Faoileán participated in Operation Spriocearcaitheoir and thus is part of Abhcan's Little Daggers.


Built based on the Leaba-class Hull, SDFS Faoileán was an experimental vessel from the get-go. As the SDF-Navy placed its bet on seaplanes and flying boats to provide air cover for the fleet, they needed seaplane ports and tenders to maintain and operate from - the latter kind of vessel was Faoileán, a term, which means seagull.

Originally planned as the seventh Leaba-class Destroyer Tender, the vessel was reconstructed mid-keellaying and was planned anew. He lost most of the AA-armament, but gained two cranes, which were valuable for his work, as well as a complete rededication of his repairshops.

SDFS Faoileán participated in Operation Spriocearcaitheoir, the ASW-Operations of the SDF-Navy centered around Shella from 1942 to 1948. He was planned to be rebuild as a helicopter carrier in 1953, but those plans were abandoned and Faoileán was scrapped in 1955.

In the late 2010s, the name was used on the Faoileán-class Drone Carrier, built by SDY.


Faoileán could carry six Shane Airworks Piongain and support up to two squadrons of seaplanes.

Down the Rabbit Hole

SDFS Faoilean

SDFS Faoilean as he appears in Down the Rabbit Hole.

SDFS Faoileán made an appearance in the KanColle-RP Down the Rabbit Hole - as a man.
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